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Stripe is one of the most trustworthy payment processors in most countries. Our platform supports you to create dynamic checkout with Stripe.
In this article, we will show you how to further customize the Stripe checkout page.
Here is the final effect, you can add your own business logo on the Stripe checkout page:
Image 1
And also you can customize your favicon on the browser for your checkout pages.
Image 2
Now in this tutorial, I will show you how to make the changes.

Customize Stripe checkout page

You should login your Stripe account, and then click β€œsettings” and then find the β€œbranding” section.
Image 3

Upload your own logo

And here you can update the logo on the checkout page, you can upload your logo like below:
Image 4

And then your logo will then show up on the checkout page.

Upload your icon

And here you can update the icon on the checkout page, then your icon will show up on the checkout page browser icon, and it will also show up on the receipt page of Stripe.
Image 5

Using your branding color

You can also use your brand color by set up your brand color and accent color below:
Image 6

Preview checkout page

You can see the preview checkout page below to see the final effect, and fine tune to the checkout page you want.
Image 7

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