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Stripe is one of the most trustworthy payment processors in most countries. Our platform supports you to create dynamic checkout with Stripe.
In this article, we will show you how to connect Stripe with Panda Checkout.
It’s 2 simple steps:
Find your live or sandbox API keys from your own Stripe account.
Set up API keys in our platform, and connect the Stripe with Panda Checkout.
Before we move to the first point, I would like to point out that:
So You need to have a verified business with your Stripe account, otherwise certain features won’t be able to use.

Get your Stripe API keys

Login your Stripe account, and then find the developer menu from the left, and then click into API Keys.
Image 1
Now we need to copy the Publishable Key and Secret Key both.
Do note that Stripe provides sandbox and live API keys for every account. You might not want to test the purchase with your real credit card(It’s a pain, 🀣). So you can start with using the sandbox account. And if you decide to do so.
Click the β€œview test data” as the screenshot below:
Image 2
Your Stripe sandbox API keys contain test, and the Live API Keys contains live.
Here is a sample of sandbox publishable API key:pk_test_Vhu4CdRJHWuSXchU8I0eKj2E
Here is a sample of Live Publishable API key:
Now, you need to copy both the publishable API key and secret Key(you need to click to reveal the value) for the next step.
A small tip πŸ˜‡:
You can connect 2 Stripe accounts in Panda checkout, both sandbox and live account. It will be easy for you to test and switch to live once it’s ready.
Our platform supports multiple Stripe accounts, so you can actually set up both Stripe sandbox and live accounts at the same time.
You can test with a sandbox account for the checkout and purchase, and if it’s all good, then you can switch to the live Stripe API keys.

Connect your Stripe account with Panda Checkout

Now it’s time to connect your Stripe account with Panda Checkout, and you can set up both a sandbox and live Stripe account on our platform.
Sandbox Stripe will be used to test and debug. Once it’s all tested, and then you can switch to the Live Stripe account when you are about to launch your chatbot.
Now, you can login your Panda checkout account, and then go to integration, and then find Stripe settings in the Payment gateway.
Click the top left corner to β€œ+ Add Key Pair”
Image 3
And then in the pop up window, you will see the below simple form as per screenshot below:
Image 4
Key Name*:
You can put the Stripe account name here. You can add sandbox or live in the name for easy identification.
Public Key*:
Copy what is the value here from your stripe account
Private Key*:
Copy what is the value here from your stripe account
Image 5
And click save once all the values are completed.
You can keep adding another Stripe account if you want. Check your licences for more details about how many Stripe accounts are supported.

Select your default Stripe account

After you have set up your Stripe account connection in the Panda Checkout, there is one important last step you need to finish.
You need to select the default Stripe account, and then all the checkout, purchase payment will be generated and paid to this default Stripe account.
If you don’t choose any Stripe account, we will use the first Stripe account on the list as the default account.
Important notice:
You need to select at least one of the Stripe accounts as default, if not selected, we will choose the 1st one in your list of accounts.
Image 6

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