How to get started 

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Welcome to panda checkout! You’ll need to complete a few easy steps to get started with panda checkout. 
If you are new to panda checkout, a few great features of panda checkout: 
Create dynamic, customized checkout  link with 1 simple external request 
Smooth & seamless integration  with your chatbot platform(Manychat & chatrace supported) 
One click upsell/downsell  are support 
Support  Stripe & Paypal  payment, support  one time payment & subscription , also have  Zapier and integromat  integration. 
Just follow a few simple steps, you are all good to go! 

1️⃣ Set up your panda checkout account  

Go to the panda checkout website , and grab the early bird offer  or start your free trial, we are offering a great bonus offer for the first 100 customers. 
Also we are offering 14 days no question asked refund policy, If you don’t like the software within the first 14 days of purchase, simply let us know and we will issue a full refund. Of course, your access will no longer work 🙂. 
Start with Youtube video below:

2️⃣ Connect Payment gateway 

It’s better you have a  verified business  account for both Stripe and Paypal. If you don’t know how to verify your account, follow the instructions here(verify your Paypal account here , verify your Stripe account here ). 
Panda checkout supports Stripe & Paypal accounts. You can follow the tutorials here(Stripe tutorials  & Paypal tutorials ) to connect your payment gateway with Panda checkout.  
Start with watching video below: 

3️⃣ Connect Chatbot platform 

Currently panda checkout supports integration with Manychat  & Chatrace . You need to  have a Pro account  to take full advantage of the panda checkout. 
It’s super easy to connect your chatbot platform with panda checkout. Just follow the tutorials here(Manychat tutorials  here & Chatrace tutorials here ). 
You are all set to the next step. 
If you want to connect Manychat with panda checkout, watch video below 
If you want to connect Chatrace with panda checkout, watch video below: 

4️⃣ Generate dynamic checkout link 

The first feature of panda checkout is to generate a  dynamic checkout link  with one simple external request. 
You can generate a one time payment for Stripe(Manychat tutorials here  & Chatrace tutorials here ). 
You can generate a dynamic Stripe subscription payment(Manychat tutorials here  & Chatrace tutorials here ).
If you are using Stripe for the payment, you can customize your checkout with your own logo, favicon , and even pre-fill customer email  on the checkout page.  
You can also choose to ask for the billing/shipping address  on the checkout page, and as your customer typing their address, Google autocomplete will activate, how cool is that? 
If you want to create dynamic checkout links with Manychat, watch the video below:
If you want to create dynamic checkout links for Chatrace, watch the video below: 

5️⃣ Set up checkout hook in panda checkout 

In order to create a smooth checkout experience, you need to add  platform, platform_customer_id , and flow into your external request… and those 3 important parameters tell panda checkout,  which platform & which user  it should “talk back”.
Finally you can achieve:
1. Send a dynamic checkout link back to your chatbot(Manychat tutorials  & Chatrace tutorials ). 
2. Send abandoned cart or cancel checkout follow up flow(Manychat tutorials  & Chatrace tutorials ). 
3. Send purchase confirmation(Manychat tutorials  & Chatrace tutorials ). 
Watch the video tutorials below if you are using Manychat. 
Watch the video tutorials below if you are using Chatrace. 

6️⃣ Set up one click upsell/downsell 

Panda checkout is the  FIRST dynamic payment solution  for chatbot platforms. We are also the  FIRST  to  bring one click upsell/downsells to chatbot platform . Currently we only support Stripe payment gateway, Paypal integration is on the way... With our platform, you can: 
Set up unlimited upsell/downsells 
Support upsell  on your website & in your chatbot (Manychat & Chatrace) supported 
Support upsell one time payment or subscription. 
Instant upsell confirm notification & abandon cart notification 
Here are little tutorials for different platform(Manychat tutorial here  & Chatrace tutorials here ) 
Here is the video tutorials on how to set up one click upsell in Manychat: 
Set up one click upsell on your website:
Set up one click upsell in your Manychat chatbot:
Here is the video tutorials on how to set up one click upsell in Chatrace: 
Set up one click upsell on your website:
Set up one click upsell in your chatbot:

7️⃣ Set up Zapier/Integromat integration 

You can connect with hundreds of apps after you receive purchase confirmation. Panda checkout has apps for Zapier/Integromat. You can easily use our integration to sell courses, membership, and physical product fulfillment.  
Here are private invitation links for Zapier  & Integromat . And also a simple demo integration of pushing the purchase order into Google sheet(Zapier tutorials  & Integromat tutorials ). 
Here is video tutorials on how to use our Zapier/Integromat integration to send the complete purchase information to Google sheet. 

8️⃣ Developer resources 

If you are a developer, you can play with our swagger here . And here is how you can get your API keys to connect and try our APIs. 
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