Integromat Integration with Panda checkout 

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Panda checkout provides a dynamic and smooth checkout experience for major Chatbot platforms. 
Your customer can initiate checkout right inside your chatbot, and get purchase confirmation immediately. 
Panda checkout also has integromat integration, if you want to enroll users to your online course or membership, you can set up the purchase complete trigger and connect with hundreds of apps that integromat already support. 
In this article, we will use integromat to push all the purchase information to Google sheet.  

Install Integromat App 

Our integromat app is a private app, you will need an invitation link to get access.  
You can find the invitation link in the “integration” tab 
Image 1  
Here is a direct link: 
Click the link above, and you will be redirect to Integramat, you should be able to see below:
Image 2  
And click the “Start using Panda Checkout” you should be able to add this app into your inventory. 
Image 3  

Connect Integromat with your panda checkout 

Before we connect Integromat with your panda checkout account, you need to copy your API key first. 
If you login panda checkout, and go to “integration” from the left side menu, you should be able to see the API key below: 
Image 4  
Once you copy the API key, now let’s go to Integromat to set up the scenarios. 
Create new scenarios, and then click skip, 
Image 5  
After you select module, search for “panda checkout” and then you should be able to see the app below:
 Image 6  
Now, Let’s click the Add button, and set up our connection with Panda checkout.  
Image 7  
You can click the “Add” to add the new connection, and in the Connection, click “Add’ and then you will be able to set up the connection name and the API key from your own Pandacheckout account. 
Once you put your API key in, it will be able to pull the flow ID list automatically. And then you can choose which flow you want to watch and which hooks you want to trigger.  
For us, we just choose the “Checkout succeed” hook, which means when there is purchase complete from your chatbot, the trigger will be triggered, and then we can push the data into our google sheet. 
Save your scenario, and next we will set up a Google sheet ready for the data input. 

Important notice 

Once you set up the trigger correctly, you should be able to below element automatically create in the flow:
Image 8  
It’s called “Http Request(external request)” and it’s important that you don’t delete this by accident, otherwise your Integromat/Zapier integration might not be triggered. 
Double confirm when you want to delete Http request(external webhook)  

Set up Google sheet 

We will set up a simple Google sheet, and be ready to take purchase information. 
Image 9  
I have set up some basic information, like the order number, order total, customer email, payment gateway, payment number in the Google sheet. 
Next, we will connect the scenario with the Google sheet module. 
Image 10  

Debug & test 

Now, let’s put the integromat to listen for the new data, and then you can set up the “checkout success” hook in this tutorial, and then do a demo test, and then you will be able to see the purchase has triggered. 
Image 11  
When the purchase is finished, you should be able to see some data coming in, it will looks like this:
Image 12  
Now, we have some test data in, we can modify the Google sheet module now, and map the data from the trigger into the Google sheet. 
Image 13  
Now, let’s put the whole set up to another test, and if it’s all set up correctly, the purchase data should be added to your google sheet. 
Yeah! The data is coming in: 
Image 14  

There is more…. 

Now, you already know how to set up the purchase triggers from panda checkout, and now you can… 
Enroll user into your membership 
Enroll user into your course 
Ship physical product to your customer 
Now it’s your turn to make the best use of our Zapier or integromat integration to sell your products or services…. 
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