How to connect Panda checkout with Manychat

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In this article, we will show you how to connect Manychat with Panda checkout. Once you connected Manychat with Pandacheckout. You will be able to create dynamic checkout in Manychat, and send purchase confirmation right back to Manychat.
Once you have connected your Manychat account, you will be able to set up below action to your Manychat subscriber.
Set up custom fields
Add Tags
Send customer message directly to Facebook Messenger
Send customers to specific flows in your chatbot.
Now, Let’s get to it. It’s simple 2 steps as how we connect with Stripe accounts.

Find your Manychat API Key

First of all, we need you to get your Manychat API keys, you can find your API by going to:
Settings -> API
Image 1
Copy your API Key, and we will paste it into your Panda checkout settings in the next step.

Connect Manychat with Panda checkout

Now, you can go to and login with your account information.
Once you login, go to the integration, and then find Manychat in the settings.
And now paste the API key from last step in the settings, and give it a name for easy identification.
Image 2
Now you are all set.
You have successfully connected Manychat with Panda checkout.
If you also connect with your Stripe account and select the default Stripe account, then you are ready to set up flows in the Panda checkout.

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